A.S. General Science

General Science (A.S.)

General Science provides maximum flexibility and is appropriate for students in pre-medicine, pharmacy,    dental, medical technology, and other professional fields. It is also the program of choice for geology and chemistry students.

General Education Core Credits
ENG 101: Freshman English I
ENG 102: Freshman English II
Humanities and Fine Arts
Students must choose two courses from:
Art History (ARH)
English (ENG) 212, 213, 231, 233, 234, 241, 297
Fine Arts (FA)
Humanities (HUM)
Theater (THR) 101, 102
Mathematics Student must take appropriate course based on major.
MTH 110: College Algebra
MTH 114: College Mathematics
MTH 106: Survey on College Mathematics
Social and Behavioral Science
Students must choose one History (HST) 101, 102, 135, 136 course and one other course from:
Anthropology (ANT)
Sociology (SOC)
Social Work (SWO)
Social Science (SSC)
Political Science (POS)
Economics (ECO)
Psychology (PSY)
Laboratory Science
Students must choose one Life Science and one
Physical Science course both with labs from:
Life Science: BIO
Physical Science: AGR, AST, CHM, ENV, GLG, PHY, PHS
Physical Education and Health Education
PEH 122
PEH 113-148
Health Education (HEE)
HEE 110, 111, 112
Navajo Studies
One Navajo Language Course Based on Placement Test (NAV 101, 102, 201, 202, or 211)
NIS 111: Foundations of Navajo Culture and
NIS 221: Navajo History to Present 9-10
Required Core Total Students transferring may need to take additional courses to meet core requirements. 40-43
Program Requirements Credits
Choose one pair
CHM 151 General Chemistry I*
CHM 152 General Chemistry II*
CHM 130 Fundamental Chemistry
CHM 230 Fundamental Organic Chemistry*Pre-professional students are advised to take the CHM 151 and 152 sequences and may not choose CHM 130 and 230 for their section option.
Choose one pair
BIO 181 General Biology I
BIO 182 General Biology II
PHY 110 Algebra-based Physics I
PHY 111 Algebra-based Physics II
PHY 121 Calculus-based Physics I
PHY 131 Calculus-based Physics II
GLG 101 Indigenous Physical Geology
GLG 102 Historical Geology
Choice of One
MTH 190 Pre-Calculus*
MTH 213 Statistics*The AGEC-S block for Math and Science majors requires MTH 191.
*Science/Math Electives: 8 additional credits selected from:
MTH 190 or above; CHM 130 or above; PHY 110 or above; BIO 180 or above; GLG 101 or above; any ENV or CSC 150
Program Credits 28-29
Degree Earned Credits
General Education 40-43
Program Requirements 28-29
Total Credits Earned: 68-72
Program Classification of Instructional Program (CIP) Code Code Title
24.0102 General Studies.


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