Financial Aid Application Process

Diné College Financial Aid Application Process

To apply for Financial Aid at Diné College is a 4-Step process outlined here.


FAFSA Application:

Step 1: Student will need to renew/apply for FAFSA for the current academic year at Students and parent(s) will be utilizing their tax information, it will be two year priors and it allows FAFSA to be based on federal income tax returns that have already been filed.

For example: 2022-2023 FAFSA, you will be utilizing your or parent(s) 2020 tax returns.

Include Dine College Federal School Code: 008246

Allow 3-5 business days for our institution to receive your FAFSA application.


Create Account:

Step 2: Once FAFSA received by school, create an account with Financial Aid Online. You can access “Financial Aid Online” from your MyDC Portal. It will be listed under Quick launch links.

  • Once your account is created you will be able to review what documents are needed for submission.
  • The portal will allow you to upload all documents such as your Class schedule, Degree checklist. If you are select for verification upload your: Tax returns, W-2’s, and completed verification form (DEP-V1, DEP-V4, DEP-V5, IND-V1, IND-V4, or IND-V5).

*Note: You can only create an account through Financial Aid Online, when the institution has received your FAFSA on file.



Step 3: Financial Aid Coordinators will review your uploaded documents and determine if there are additional documents needed or if corrections are needed. If additional documents or corrects are needed; Financial Aid Coordinators will contact you via phone or email.



Step 4: Once all documents have been viewed and finalized; FA coordinators will move forward with awarding and emailing you the Fall, Spring, and Summer Award Letter to your DC email.


Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships
PO Box C06
Tsaile, AZ 86556
(928) 724-6730
(505) 368-3511

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