Participating Schools Information

We will be adding high school contact information that are partnering with the Diné College Dual Credit Program. Please check back soon.

New Mexico Schools and Institutions

Shiprock High School
P.O. Box 3578
Shiprock, NM 87420


Dual Credit Coordinator
Winifred Jumbo
B.A., Brown University
(928) 724-6922

Chinle Center Director
Cathy L. Bahe
B.A., Northern Arizona University
(928) 724-3319
DC Extension: 7101

Crownpoint Center Director
Johanna Silago
DC Extension: 7201

Shiprock Campus Interim Director
Thomas Bennett
(505) 368-3629

Tuba City Center Director
Phyllis Begay
M.Ed., Northern Arizona University
(928) 283-5113
DC Extension: 7501

Window Rock Director
Grace Boyne
(928) 871-2230
DC Extension: 7603

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Dual Credit Program FAQ

For dual credit enrollment in the States of New Mexico, Arizona and Utah, all registration and course fees are waived by Diné College (post-secondary institution) until students have successfully completed the course(s).

If you are a high school student (or will be) the semester you wish to take the course, contact your high school counselor to verify you have placed into college-level courses based on the Accuplacer test or equivalent testing. If you have a 2.0 GPA or above or have Guidance Counselor/Principal approval you are eligible to apply for admission to the Diné College Dual Credit Program.

The Dual Credit Program is for high school students who want to earn college credits while in high school. Dual credit courses enable a student to earn both college and high school credit at the same time. Concurrent enrollment enables a student to enroll in a college course for only college credit and is responsible for paying the cost of fees and courses.

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) does not allow faculty and staff to disclose or discuss a dual credit student’s grade(s) or enrollment status with anyone other than the student unless a release form is submitted.

Instructors & Administrators

Information for Instructors and Administrators

Dual Credit Teacher/Instructor Eligibility

A teacher desiring to offer courses for dual credit through Diné College must meet the following criteria:

  • candidate should have a minimum of a Master’s Degree but some courses require a minium of a Master’s Degree and 18 credit hours in the content area.
  • candidate must be approved as an adjunct instructor for Diné College by a department chairperson before the teacher may teach a certified dual credit course.
  • candidate must also meet with the Diné College Division Chair before offering course.
  • candidate must be willing to have his/her work reviewed by a Diné College Division Chair on an annual basis. This review will include observation of the dual credit classroom, curriculum review, and a sampling of their curriculum.

Courses offered through the dual credit program will present a rigorous curriculum and will introduce qualified students to college-level work for which they may earn both high school and college credit. Course materials, textbooks, and assignments will follow the Diné College course design, objectives, and assessment outcomes. Curriculum alignment before instruction begins will ensure that the dual credit teacher is able to cover both Diné College and high school core content in the chosen course. The Diné College faculty reserves the right to determine which courses are eligible for dual credit and what course content should be covered.

Students enrolling in and completing a dual credit course will obtain a college transcript. The grade will be automatically recorded on their student record at Diné College. The student must request a copy of their transcript to forward the grade to another college or institution. Our dual credit courses will articulate to univerisities and colleges within the four-corners region.

AZTransfer – Arizona Transfer Options

Classroom visits by Diné College dual credit personnel and faculty will provide one avenue for ensuring that instructors teach appropriate content at appropriate levels for college credit.

High school candidate will submit curriculum to Diné College for approval of qualifications to teach dual credit courses. The qualifications for teaching these courses will be the same as those required for teaching the campus-based sections of the same course. The candidate will then be credentialed by Diné College to instruct dual credit classes at the partnering high schools.

A key component of program evaluation is determining participant access to post-secondary education after high school, as well as student success with their pursuit of post-secondary education. The program’s continuance will depend, in part, on the results of data, including rates of transition to post-secondary education and the number of students who require preparatory classes before pursuing additional coursework.

Continuing Students

Continuing Student Application Process

Continuing students do not have to reply for the admissions process or re-test unless they feel they will improve testing scores in a specific academic area.

STEP 1 – Advising

  • Start planning with High School Guidance Counselor to enroll in general education classes
    • Explore the Diné College General Education Core classes and check lists of different majors
  • Continuing students are allowed to use Diné College Advisers as added resources

STEP 2 – Registering

  • Registering for classes is relatively easy.
    • Students have to work with their H.S. counselors to register for classes that are relevant to their proposed major/interest.


New Students

New Student Application Process

STEP 1 – Diné College Dual Credit Admissions Application

STEP 2 – New Mexico (NM) or Arizona (AZ) Dual Credit Request Form

STEP 3 – Student FERPA Release Form

STEP 4 – Certificate of Indian Blood (CIB) Request Form

STEP 5 – Submit In-progress High School Transcript

STEP 6 – Submit copy of Social Security Card

Please email completed forms and documents to Winifred Jumbo, Director of Dual Credit Enrollment Management at

Diné College Mission

Rooted in Diné language and culture, our mission is to advance quality post-secondary student learning and development to ensure the well being of the Diné People.

Diné College Dual Credit Program’s Operation Statement

The Diné College Dual Credit Program provides high school students with geographically feasible and affordable access to a quality post-secondary education.

Diné College Dual Credit Program’s Vision Statement

Diné College believes the Dual Credit Program will become a stepping-stone from high school to college, by serving as a pathway to academic degree programs or college-level courses.

  • Must be an enrolled student within a partnering high school
  • 2.0 GPA and/or Principal/Guidance Counselor Approval

High school purchases books and is responsible for dual credit resource material.
Examples of Diné College Dual Credit Courses

  • NAV 101 Navajo as a Second Language I (4)
  • NAV 102 Navajo as a Second Language II (4)
  • ENG 101 Freshman English I (3)
  • ENG 102 Freshman English II (3)
  • MTH 110 College Algebra (4)

Course Payment

Initially, all enrollment, registration, and tuition fees are waived by Diné College. After the high school student successfully completes the course, Diné College is reimbursed for costs from:

  • New Mexico: State of New Mexico Legislation – TCU Fund
  • Arizona: Arizona State Legislation – Unclaimed Lottery Funds


  • Pinon High School
  • Chinle High School
  • Manyfarms High School

New Mexico:

  • Northwest High School
  • DEAP School
  • Manyfarms High School
  • Navajo Preparatory School
  • Los Lunas High School
  • Gallup McKinley County School District
  • Central Consolidated School District
  • Cuba High School

Student & Family

Information for Students & Parents

Dual Credit: Reviewing Your Options

There are some factors to consider and discuss with your family and school guidance counselor before you register for dual credit courses. It is important to understand the student is beginning a college transcript and the courses will become part of his/her permanent academic record.

Key Suggestions

  • As a student talks about this opportunity with his/her parent/guardian, remember the program is relatively free, local and convenient. It is important to also discuss the rigor of deadlines, workloads and responsibility.
  • As a student talks with his/her parent/guardian, teachers and guidance counselor it is vital to discuss the student’s college plans and major.
  • Research your college plans, major, and how the dual credit courses will fit into the student’s intended major. The grade(s) the student receives will become part of his/her official college transcript.
  • Review and study all information and opportunities Diné College has to offer, especially the guidelines associated with student enrollment and academic policies.

Tuition and Fees

The cost of your courses is covered by Diné College and the high schools through mutual agreements made by both parties. The billing process is determined after the student has successfully completed the course. This is an excellent opportunity for students to take college courses for free. It is no cost for families unless the student does not pass the course successfully.

  • $55 per credit hour
  • $20 Application Fee (onetime fee for new students)
  • $25 Activity Fee
  • $20 Technology Fee

This is an excellent opportunity for students to take college classes for free, at not cost to families, and it close to home and accessible.

All dual credit students are responsible for following the Diné College Academic Policies. Instructors will use Diné College guidelines to determine midterm and final grades. This includes a student’s Academic Standing, Withdrawal from a course and each student has the right to contest his/her grades through the General Grade Appeal, which can be obtained from Office of the Registrar or see an Academic Advisor.

Class Attendance – Regular and prompt attendance to all classes and laboratories is expected. Excessive absence may be reported which may affect a student’s academic grade(s).

Academic Integrity – Academic integrity is the fundamental value and principle that underwrites the very mission of Diné College. Enrolled students are solely responsible for the integrity of their academic work and upholding professional standards of research, writing, assessment and ethics in their areas of study. Academic dishonesty, which includes cheating, misrepresentation or plagiarism and other forms of unethical behavior, is prohibited. If a student has violated the academic integrity policy, formal proceeding for disciplinary action will be conducted under the “Student Code of Conduct.”

Withdrawal from College Classes – Students must officially withdraw from the College using a Withdrawal Form available from the Records and Admissions Office or respective campus site. Failure to withdraw properly results in the forfeiture of any refunds and a grade of “F” is given for each course in progress at the time of the unofficial withdrawal. Withdrawal Forms must be returned to the Registrar’s Office with all required signatures.

Transcripts – Students may request an official transcript from the Records and Admissions Office from the main campus in Tsaile. The Transcript Request Form is available at all sites and on the College website. A fee is required for each Official Transcript. Currently enrolled students may review their unofficial transcript at any time by logging into Warrior Web. Records and Admissions Office is not permitted to provide transcript services to any current or former student who owes money to the college. Same day service is available only for in person requests at Tsaile campus, for nominal fee. The fee for a transcript is $5.00 and the same day service is $15.00 per transcript. Diné College can’t send an Official Transcript by email or fax.

Course Change or Cancellation – Diné College reserves the right to cancel any scheduled course or to change the day, time, location, and/or faculty of any course without notice. Students will not be penalized for cancelled courses. Tuition is fully refundable. Registration, technology and other applicable activity fees are non-refundable.

Dual Credit Program

About Our Dual Credit Program

High school students can get an early start by earning college credits through our Dual Credit Program while still attending high school. Courses offered through Diné College vary from Navajo Language to Mathematics to Freshman English.

The dual credit courses may be taught on a Diné College campus or on a high school campus. The high school courses are aligned with the Diné College curricula. Dual credit students earn college credit immediately upon successful course completion.

Benefits of Dual Enrollment

  • Access to College Resources: Students are official college students with full access to services offered by Diné College. Resources include use of Student Success Programs, Academic Support, Library Resources, Gym Facilities, and Computer Labs at all campuses and centers.
  • Transferability: Dual credit courses are fully transferable to New Mexico and Arizona colleges and universities and generally transferable to other colleges and universities throughout the United States. Since classes align with Diné College curricula, therefore courses articulate with New Mexico and Arizona colleges and universities.
  • Convenient: Courses are taught at the high school campuses or at Diné College campuses depending on the individual high school arrangements.
  • Close to Home: Students learn what college professors expect while still in familiar surroundings.
  • Affordable: Course costs are basically free or substantially less than taking courses at many colleges and universities.
  • Student Success: Successful completion of college level courses helps the student in making a transition to a college campus later. The student will have acquired the confidence to succeed academically and personally in college.