Commencement Fall 2020


In Person/Virtual Ceremony

Friday, December 11, 2020

LIVE EVENT will begin at 10am MT


Master of Ceremony: Dean, James Tutt

Welcome Address: Dr. Paul Willeto

Commencement speaker: Dr. Jill Jim

View Ceremony:

Dec 11, 2020 10:00 AM Mountain Time (US and Canada)
Commencement can be viewed via:
Diné College Facebook


School of Business and Social Science

Associate of Arts, Business Administration

Allison, Danielle  (TS)
Begay, Richelle Maye  (TS)
Casey, Desiree Renae  (TC)

Chee, Audrianna  (TS)
Curtis, Shannon April  (TC)
Harrison Sr, Brent Lyle  (TS)

Polingyumptewa, Calandra (TC)
Stevens, Shannon Chasity (TS)
Yazzie, Sharon A. (SH)

Associate of Arts, Social Science and Behavioral Science

Abe, Anthony J. (TS)
Begay, Jolanna (SH)
Johnson, Dave (SH)

Johnson, Janie Mae (TC) *
Lomatewama, Linette L. (TC)
Nez, Titania L. (TC)
Perry, Pernall (TS)

Shorty, Rufina (SH)
Thompson, Jewel Kay (TS)
Whiterock, Perphillia Meliss (TC)

Bachelor of Arts, Business Administration

Earl, Kirby (TS)

Bachelor of Arts, Psychology

Begay, Amanda M (TS)
Claw, Raechel J (SH)
Endischee, Rena Mae (TS)

Roan, Ronda (WR) *
Roanhorse, Cindy (TS)
Sandoval, Marissa Jay (TS)

Whitethorne, Jacie Hawk (TS)
Yazzie, Steavic Stuart (TS)

School of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

Associate of Science, Biology

Denetdeal, Jessica (TS) **

Associate of Science, General Science, Pre-Professional

Cayatineto, Harrison (TS) *

Associate of Science, Health Occupation

Bahe, Leander Lucas (TS)
Benally, Tanisha (TC)

Claw, Kara Allana (TC)
Smith, Earl O’Ryan (TC)

Walker, Justin Robert (SH)

Associate of Science, Mathematics

Gray, Jolina M (TS) *

Associate of Science, Health Education Socio-Cultural Option

Price Jr, Benjamin H (WR)

Bachelor of Science, Biology

Begay, Tyler Litson (TS)

Brown, Kylynn (TS) ***

Cayatineto, Harrison (TS) *

Bachelor of Science, Public Health

Blackhorse, Annette M (TS) *

Dohi, Karinne Ann (CH) **

Bachelor of Science, Secondary Education, Science

Holtsoi, Leander (TS)

Certificate, Public Health

Baldwin, Faith Sandra (CH)

Begay, Sham Ray (TC)

School of Diné Studies and Education

Associate of Arts, Early Childhood Education

Dick, Joetta Anna (TS)

Associate of Arts, Diné Studies

Shay, Deanna Lynn  (TS)

Associate of Arts, Education

Johnnie, Korrie Shavon (TS)

Saganitso, Sarsha L . (TS)

Thompson, Lakota Nizhoni  (TS) ***

Bachelor of Arts, Diné Studies

Black, Triston Brady  (TS) ***

Uentillie, Troy  (TS)

Bachelor of Arts, Elementary Education

Begay, Candace   (TS) **

James, Patrick Charles  (TS)

Saganitso, Sarsha L.  (TS)

School of Arts, Humanities and English

Associate of Arts, Liberal Arts

Lee, Zenaida  (CH)

Todecheene, Summer J.  (CH)

Certificate, Art Endorsement

Honie, Khalid Dean  (TS)

Bachelor of Fine Arts

Honie, Khalid Dean  (TS)

Graduation with Honors
* 3.50 to 3.69 Cum Laude
** 3.70 to 3.89 Magna Cum Laude
*** 3.90 to 4.00 Summa Cum Laude

Fall 2020 Graduates

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