Campus Safety

About Diné College Campus Safety

Keeping Diné College Safe

The Diné College campus security department provides campus security services to protect people and property of DC and perform those unique security services that are necessary for the best possible delivery of education.
We work closely with local law enforcement to provide a safe environment.

Policies & Procedures

DC has developed a series of policies and procedures that are designed to ensure that every possible precautionary measure is taken to protect individuals on campus:

  1. Timely response to calls for services.
  2. Protective services on a 24-hour basis for its community (student, faculty, staff, visitors, and neighbors),
  3. Enforce and process necessary policies, procedures, rules and regulations unique to a college campus environment, such as:
    1. The Student Code of Conduct
    2. Dormitory Housing Contracts
    3. Traffic and Parking Regulations
    4. Other regulations that may be instituted by the college.


Clifford James
(928) 724-6629

Room 160 (1st Floor)
Ned Hatathlie Center (NHC)
Tsaile Campus

Tsaile Campus
Emergencies: 6911 (Campus only)
Office: (928) 724-6802
Mobile: (928) 349-3950

Shiprock Campus
Office: (505) 368-3521
Mobile: (505) 406-6511

Navajo Nation Police
Chinle: (928) 674-2112
Shiprock: (505) 368-1351

Fire Emergency
Chinle (928) 674-2105
Shiprock: (505) 368-1350

College Animal Control
(928) 724-6772

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