Meet Our Staff

Natalie Denezpi- Career Education Coordinator
Phone: 928.724.6861
Office: Student Success Center Room #111
Hours: Monday-Friday (8am-5pm)

Yá’át’ééh shik’éí dóó ółtaʼí, Shí éí Tachii’nii  (Red Streak Running Into the Water) Nishłį. Ma’ii deeshgiizhinii (Coyote Pass) éí báshíshchíín. To’aheedliinii (The Water Flow Together) éí dashicheii. Todich’iinii (Bitter water) éí dashinálí. Natalie Denezpi yinishyé.

I reside in Lukachukai, a place called Upper Greasewood Springs along side the beautiful Lukachukai Mountain.

Hello, my name is Natalie Denezpi, I am the Career Education Coordinator here at Dine College with the Career Education Program.  As a Career Education Coordinator, I am responsible to provide and coordinate career development services for students at Diné College.  Work collaboratively with the Career Education Specialist and the Career Education Advisor.  I oversee individualized student career development needs.  Topics are focused on career assessment, career exploration, internship and job search strategies, and career decision-making.  Please feel free to contact our Career Education team located in the Student Success Center.

Phone: 928.724.6851
Office: Student Success Center Room #107
Hours: Monday-Friday (8am-5pm)

Y1’1t’44h sh1 Hastoi d00 S1anii. Ts4n7j7kin7 nish[99, Kinyaa’1nii b1sh7shch77n, T1b22h7 dashicheii d00 Hashk’aan Hadzoh7 dashinal7. K0t’eego Din4 nish[9. Ats1 Bit’oh d66 nash1. Brandon Goldtooth Begaye yinish4. D77 k0t’4ego ad44h0siz88d doolee[. Ah4hee’

Greetings, my name is Brandon Goldtooth Begaye and I am employed here at Din4 College as the Career Education Specialist. I am from the Honey Comb Rock People clan, born for the Towering House People, my maternal relatives are from the Water’s Edge People and my paternal relatives are from the Yucca Fruit People. I am from Ats1 Bit’oh, AZ but now reside in Blue Gap with my Wife. I hold a Bachelors in Business Administration, which I obtained here from Dine College. My goals are to assist students in finding out what career path they want to pursue. My mission is to continue my education to the highest level possible and to provide for my family. I have enjoyed being employed here at Dine College, the atmosphere and history of the institution is very powerful. This is where I began my schooling and now this is where I began my career. We are able to assist you in career counseling, job search, resume writing, interview skills training and dress-code consulting. Stop by the Student Success Center 107 to make an appointment today. !daa’1h0ly3.

Phone: 928.724.6862
Office: Student Success Center Room #109
Hours: Monday-Friday (8am-5pm)

Yá’át’ééh shik’éí dóó shidine’é. Shí éí Naakaii Diné’é (adopted)  Nishłį. Boojigol éí báshíshchíín. Naakaiiłbáhíi éí dashicheii. Naakaii dashinálí. Cameo Mejia yinishyé.

I am the Career Academic Advisor here at Dinè College.  I am originally from Phoenix, Arizona but now call Lukachukai home.  I graduated from Dinè College in the Spring of 2021.  I am currently working on my master’s program at NAU.

Here at Dinè College, under the Career Education Program, we assist students in expanding their job skills and help students secure employment after graduation.  Throughout the semester, we will host career-building workshops, college and career fairs and assist students with career counseling.  If you need help with resume writing, letter of interest, letters of recommendation, or even want to set up a mock interview, feel free to reach out to the Career Education Program in the Student Success Building.

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