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Welcome to Diné College Learning Center, where we offer academic tutoring and a variety of learning support to enrolled students. Peer and Professional Tutors at the Diné College Learning Center assists students in developing positive academic independence and act as an academic support system for students that are confronted with academic challenges.

Mission Statement
To ensure support services to enhance student learning.

What is the Learning Center?
The Diné College Learning Center, better known on campus as the LC, is a multi-faceted academic support program for all Diné College students. We provide tutoring services (individual, group, and online) study skills workshops, and learning specialists free of charge to all Diné College students.

Our website contributes information to help you succeed in college, whether you are a first-semester student seeking help in mathematics, a continuing student looking for tips to improve your writing, or an undergraduate senior preparing for graduate school. We also post the schedules of our other resources such as upcoming workshops, webinars and events so you will know when and where to find us throughout the week.

While I hope that you will explore our web site and learn more about our services, we also encourage you to come see the LC the next time you are on campus. We’re easy to find on the campus, so feel free to stop by and speak with our friendly staff, pick up a few helpful handouts, and see why Diné College Learning Center students visit us over 500 times each semester.



One-on-One Tutoring
Our goal is to help you overcome academic challenges and become an independent learner. One-on-One tutoring is the most effective and efficient way to succeed in your courses.


Routine Tutoring
On-going sessions are great for monitoring and evaluating your progress over the course of a semester. Scheduling routine sessions are subject for review to accommodate you and a tutor’s schedule.


Study Group Session
At the Learning Center, we provide a guided study session for a group of three or more students in the same section of a course. A Professional Tutor facilitates all scheduled Study group sessions.


Request a Workshop
Workshops are a great tool to study and comprehend the materials in your courses. Workshops often include engaging presentations and hands-on activities, and hosted by a Professional Tutor.


Free Printing Service
Free printing and copying services are now available at all Diné College Learning Center sites for all currently enrolled students. Pickup times and locations may vary by campus site. Click below to get started.


Proofreading Dropbox
Sometimes valuable feedback comes too late, which is why we made it easier for you to simply drop-off your assignment online for tutors to review grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors.

Requesting for Tutoring Services
Diné College Learning Center provides students with easy access to qualified tutors in as many academic areas as possible. Students in need of tutoring must submit a request online that details their name, student ID #, and course number in which they need tutoring. After submitting an online request, a student will receive a confirmation email immediately. A tutor will then contact the student to gather more material from you to prepare for your session, before the requested date and time of your appointment.

**During this time, all tutoring appointments will be conducted virtually utilizing Zoom, ConexEdu, GoBoard or other video-conferencing platforms.**

College Reading & Learning Association Certification (CRLA)

Diné College Learning Center
Since 2020, Diné College Learning Center, has earned the level of tutor training certification from the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA). Diné College Learning Center is one of 1,000 tutor-training programs worldwide to gain certification under the CRLA. More importantly, our students benefit from working with Learning Center’s highly motivated and skilled tutors for FREE!

Certification Levels
Diné College Learning Center can award CRLA certificates to individual tutors, recognizing their completion of Level I (regular), Level II (advanced), and Level 3 (master) tutor training, which includes building skills in areas such as communication, effective questioning, learning style assessment, multicultural competency, and productive tutoring techniques. CRLA Program certification also provides individual tutors with transferable skills recognized at universities and colleges nationwide, as well as marketable skill sets for future employers.

CRLA Level 1
This indicates that the tutor has been recommended by at least one faculty member for each subject tutored, has received 16 hours of training, and has completed at least 25 hours of actual tutoring.

CRLA Level 2
This indicates that after completing all requirements for CRLA Level 1, the tutor has completed 10 additional hours of training, focused on supporting diverse types of students and supporting students better within their subject area(s). The tutor has also completed at least an additional 25 hours of tutoring, bringing their total to at least 50 hours of tutoring.

CRLA Level 3
This indicates the tutor has completed 10 additional hours of training beyond CRLA Level 2 (Advanced), which is focused on Academic Support Center operations and leadership within the tutor profession. The tutor has also completed at least 25 additional hours of tutoring, bringing their total to at least 75 hours of tutoring, All Certified Master tutors have either facilitated peer tutor training topics and/or evaluated other peer tutors. This is the highest level of certification any tutor can achieve.

About CRLA
CRLA is a group of student-oriented professionals active in the fields of reading, learning assistance, developmental education, tutoring, and mentoring at the college/adult level. Since 1989, CRLA has sponsored the rigorous International Tutor Training Certification Program, which sets an internationally accepted standard of skills and training for tutors and recognizes and awards tutor training programs (and their tutors) who are committed to successful tutoring practices.

The CRLA’s International Training Program Certification is endorsed by several professional organizations such as the Council of Learning Assistance and Developmental Education Associations (CLADEA), National Association for Development Education (NADE) and National College Learning Center Association (NCLCA).

More info can be found at: www.crla.net

Tutoring Hours & Location

Fall 2021
Tsaile Learning Center, Student Union Building Room 122
(928)724-6725 | Computer Lab
(928)724-6726 | Office
learningcenter@dinecollege.edu | Email
Monday – Friday
8 AM – 5 PM
Window Rock Learning Center is located in the North Building Classroom 3
(928)871-7602 | Computer Lab Temporarily Closed (Online Service Only)
(928)871-7606 | Office
* Parking lot Wi-Fi usage hours are from 8 AM – 4 PM Monday – Friday
Monday – Friday
8 AM – 4 PM
Crownpoint Learning Center is located in Room 3
(505)786-7391 | Office
Computer Lab Temporarily Closed (Online Service Only)
* Walk in services include: payments, pick up documents, and curbside library services.
Monday – Friday
8 AM – 5 PM
Shiprock Learning Center is located on the South Campus Room 101
(505)368-3621 | Computer Lab
(505)368-3565 | Office
* 8 computers available for use.
Monday – Friday
8 AM – 5 PM
Tuba City Learning Center is located in Room 101
(928)283-7571 | Computer Lab Temporarily Closed (Online Service Only)
(928)283-5113 | Office
* Outdoor WiFi available
Monday – Friday
8 AM – 5 PM

Tutoring FAQs

A. Tutors of the Diné College Learning Center can be found and contacted in several ways:
Option 1: Login to Blackboard using your DC user ID and password; navigate to your courses; click on Learning Center.
Option 2: Login to MyDinéCollege using your DC user and password; navigate to your Students Tab; click on Learning Center.
Option 3: Login into ConexEd using your DC user ID and password; navigate to Student Support Directory; scroll down to Learning Centers.
Option 4: Login to Tutor Matching Service using your chosen user and password; navigate to Find a Tutor; type Diné College in the School field; all tutors associated with Diné College will be displayed.

A. You can find schedules of all tutors on our pages on Blackboard, MyDinéCollege, ConexEd, and Tutor Matching Service.

A. Our Diné College Learning Center Professional Tutors specialize in subject-based tutoring and have specific knowledge derived from training or experiences. All of our tutors are Level One certified under the College Reading & Learning Association (CRLA); a group of student–oriented professionals in the field of learning assistance to all traditional and non-traditional students.

Common courses:
English: ENG 101, 102, 131, 180, 212,231, 233, 234 & 236
Math: MTH 100, 102, 106, 110, 190, 191, 192, 213 & 225
Science: CHM 130, 151, PHY 101, 110 & 121& PUH 111
Navajo : NAV 101, 102, 211, 212 & NIS 111
Business: ACC 100 & 200, BUS 265, 420 & 460

A. There are several options when it comes to scheduling a session. At the Learning Center we try to strive to allow as much access to connecting you to a tutor. Below are several options:
Option 1: You can schedule an appointment through Calendly: our online appointment system established in the Fall 2020 semester.
Option 2: Login to Tutor Matching Service and directly message a tutor available.
Option 3: Email learningcenter@dinecollege.edu with your name, student ID#, course, and requested date and time of tutoring session. A staff of the Learning Center will be in contact to confirm session.
Option 4: Call (928) 724-6725 to schedule an appointment with a tutor.

A. One-on-one tutoring sessions can vary and is available in time increments of 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes or an hour. Group tutoring sessions can range from 30 minutes to an hour. To schedule an appointment, click HERE.

Option 1: Submit documents through our secure Proofreading Dropbox.
Option 2: Email documents to learningcenter@dinecollege.edu.

Once submitted, a tutor will be in contact with you about any feedback, revisions, questions, etc.

A. Scheduling or participating in a group session may vary and is dependent on if a study group session has already been scheduled for your course. You may contact the Learning Center at learningcenter@dinecollege.edu or via phone at (928) 724-6725 to see if any sessions are scheduled in the future. If there are no scheduled study group sessions, you may schedule one through our online appointment system here. Here, you may add up to 5 participants for your study group session. In addition, the scheduled session will be facilitated by a Professional Tutor.

A. Prior to starting a tutoring session, ensure that you have assignment details, class notes, any challenging questions, and a course syllabus/schedule. Be sure to submit copies to your assigned tutor as well.

A. A tutor is only able to give assistance, during an exam, if an approval from instructor is submitted to the Learning Center. Otherwise, a tutor cannot assist any students during an exam or quiz.

A. If a student is not present at the pre-determined location and time, or is more than 15 minutes late, the student becomes a "no-show". It is the duty and responsibility of the student to reschedule another tutoring session if a student is a no-show. If a student was referred to the Learning Center by an organization (Athletics, FYE Program, ASDC, etc), that student's organization will be notified of the missed appointment.



Deanna Shay
Learning Center Manager
(928) 724-6726

Audrianna Chee
Learning Center Coordinator
 (928) 724-6725

Diné College Learning Center
(928) 724-6725