Diné College’s BFA Graphic Design alumnus creates a Pendleton blanket design

Diné College’s BFA Graphic Design alumnus creates a Pendleton blanket design

15 March 2024

TSAILE, AZ — Troy Tso is a recent graduate of Diné College, having completed his Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Graphic Design in December 2021. During his time at the college, he had the opportunity to work closely with R. Matthew Bollinger, MFA, M.Arch Faculty, Art and Design, Diné College. He was introduced to a wide range of graphic design concepts and techniques. Although he had always been interested in graphic art and design, Tso found that this experience allowed him to explore and develop his passion in new and exciting ways.

“Each project required a specific discipline, which helped me concentrate and gain experience,” says Tso. Before he got into graphic design, he had always been involved in art in different ways, such as sketching, doodling, painting, and drawing. “I started my journey by helping people and understanding what they needed, and then assisted in creating art for them, such as logos and other creative designs involving graphic design.”

A few years ago, he delved deep into graphic design and pursued it as a significant aspect of his art. In 2020, he applied for a scholarship and decided to go back to school to earn his BFA degree. He participated in a Tribal Pendleton design competition and secured the third position. His design was chosen to be printed on a wool shawl that Pendleton Mills produced, and he was awarded a scholarship from Pendleton Woolen. He was overjoyed to receive the scholarship, which helped him pay for his schooling, classes, and other necessary items.

“I feel good about winning the design for a wool shawl for an important company like Pendleton Wool,” he said. He also received a Pendleton blanket. Nowadays, he keeps himself busy with various projects. He expressed his gratitude for the opportunity he was given and for all the instructors who helped him reach his goals.

You can check out the design at this link:



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