The Diné College Rodeo Team Seeking Members

The Diné College Rodeo Team Seeking Members

15 February 2023

TSAILE, AZ — The Diné College Rodeo Team gathered for their second meeting this Spring Semester today at the college cafeteria. Athletic Manager Brandon Begaye announced they are recruiting new members and emphasized the distinctive nature of rodeo as a sport.

“We want students to understand that rodeo is a unique sport,” said Begaye. “The Diné College Rodeo team embodies the way of life and is deeply integrated with Navajo society.”
Rodeo isn’t just a sport for these students; it’s a lifestyle, a family tradition, and a part of their individuality. Teshawna Hunt, pursuing an Associate of Science in Public Health, is a member of the Dine College Rodeo team from Newcomb, NM, and shared her connection with rodeos.
“My family has always been part of the rodeo lifestyle,” said Hunt. “Rodeo is part of who I am. I have always been around animals, and when I lost a horse, my family was there for me. That experience made me appreciate having a horse even more.”

According to Begay, rodeo may look like an individual sport, but it requires a team effort. From caring for animals daily to competing in events, participants often find support in their family, relatives, and close friends. “Most young people embrace the cowboy lifestyle at a young age and continue on that path,” said Begaye. “It takes a unique person to care for animals on a daily basis. You have to feed them and take care of them. It’s a different mindset and requires a different set of skills.”

The Dine College Rodeo team is preparing for an event at the University of Arizona in Tucson, Ariz., on March 02, 2024. The Dine College Rodeo itself is scheduled for September 2024.
For more information about joining the Dine College Rodeo Team, contact Brandon G. Begaye at 928.724.6753. The team is looking forward to a successful year.

About Dine College Rodeo Team
The Dine College Rodeo Team is a remarkable sports team that combines athletic skills with a deep respect for Navajo traditions and lifestyle. The team’s initiatives to embody the way of life and integrate it into Navajo society aim to inspire more students to embrace and continue this unique sport.


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